I had a wonderful conversation today with a wonderful Dr. who actually was (in Russia) a Neurosurgeon – though he grew up not with faith – through personal experiences he became a believer – you know, we live in actually remarkable times – there are effectively four civilizations (very roughly) there is the Caucasian / western, what is often called the Judeo-Christian – there is the African – there is the Asian, there are the Indians (as in India and Pakistan, and perhaps the Arabs) now what’s so interesting is that of-course groups create ideas – the western civilization was deeply influenced by the French revolution – in fact, all western countries since then (!!) have become democratic – this notion deeply influenced, well, most of the world – now the reason I write this, is because this Dr. coming from an atheist background, and having no skin in the game, told me a fascinating true point – “To me” he said “the essence of all – whether your Christian, Jewish, Muslim etc. is the trust in God” (obviously without that there is no faith)

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