What is the Practical application of Hogwarts

You see, I presume that the reason G-d – for all comes from above (except the said belief) gave imaginitory minds, the inspiration to write – conceptualize – hence clarify and transmit, epic battles: pitting the forces of darkness against light, be it Harry Potter, Lord Of the Rings or Star Wars, whereas my daughter tells me, that as she grows, she sees Harry Potter much as a social commentary, engulfing much of reality.

For example, the simple premise of the above three trilogies, is there is a humane, compassionate, loving domain- this realm is being attacked – bloodthirsty killers, seeking dominance, control; but ultimately, the misery; no different to hitler’s quest (do you know his single moment of joy was imagining-as he implemented the story of the blitz – the hail of bombs randomly dropped to create confusion, fear and mayhem.)

You see, as Dumbeldore explained to Harry – to understand evil, you must understand love.

For it is love that we seek.

How wonderfully J.K. Rowling describes the genesis of evil in Tom Riddle’s youth – an abandon child whose only sense of pleasure is both in power and in control/abusing (in fact, in England, I believe children or youth destroying through the symptoms of pathological psychopathy are perpetually locked-up, and the Bible itself describes such a circumstance (though the punishment – which though never meted – is actually death.)

In the vacuum of love, the heart (the container of emotions) can be filled with the lust for evil – power / control, and yes that others should likewise.

As Kabbalah teaches, the world of truth (love) was paralleled into the word of evil (ego, narcissism: the pleasure for recognition, power, and conversely, its corollary, the sadism of masochism.)

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