The Rebbe’s Parsha – In Quotes Bahoilischah 5751



Summary – Just as the Menorah was lit in a way that the flame stayed alit – so to the Torah inspiration that we study and teach.


1.In Parshas Bihaloilscha – the Gemarah teaches – there are three books, for the portion of “Vayihi Binsoi-ah Ha-aron…” is considered a complete book (hence before and after, are another two.)


6.Through spreading Torah and Mitzvos we transform, that the entire physical world becomes a luminescent Menorah, shining spiritual goodness.






11.The millennial goal – that our fire should be permanent, applies firstly to ourselves – mainly that the Torah / inspiration we have “downloaded” should create a continuous inspiration.
2.It is well-known that the word Torah comes from the word Ho-rah / lesson, for the Torah continually inspires.


7.The goal is not that you should continually need to light the world; rather the inspiration should be so real, that the person you inspire, is permanently alit.


12.“Downloading” Torah and Mitzvos, means that it becomes habit; and of-course, as a burning flame is always dancing, we rest not on our laurels, but strive always for more.
3.The lesson from Parshah (and the command) of Bihaloilscha (“to have a daily Menorah alit”) represents the fundamental purpose of our soul – namely to be a shining Divine light.


8.Furthermore, as a candle continuously dances, expanding upward and returning, so too our personal flame.


13.To inspire another similarly (in other words, that the goal of a Rabbi (inspirer) is that the person should so “download” the Torah and inspiration, that they will perpetually do.)
4.Rashi comments, that the job of the Cohen was to kindle the light until it was freestanding – this parallels our soul’s mission – to use the light and warmth of Torah to inspire ourselves, to the extent that our spiritual drive is permanent.


9.In addition, our spiritual striving should not be limited within our existing “Playing-field” but into entirely new…


14.To begin, one accustoms themselves to Torah and Mitzvos and better behavior; but once one achieves that, one reveals their eternal Divine continuously ascending soul.
5.Furthermore, our light should not only light ourselves, but our homes, community, and eventually the whole world.


10.The key component – mirroring the oil, which is uniquely suited to turn into fire – is the humble soul.


15.This remarkable ability of transforming the physical into spiritual is achieved whenever we do a Mitzvah (as the physical is imbued with Divine radiance.)



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16.This transformation of the physical to spirit, is not only when we do a Mitzvah, but whenever we use the physical (for example, by going to the office, for the sake of making money, for the sake of Giving charity; or by a mother cleaning / cooking for the sake of raising Jewish children, The Physical Is Imbued With Divine Spirit.)


20.We now understand why the Torah that is careful, not even to speak badly about an animal, would mention the transgressions of the spies, for this eventually led (as mentioned in the Haftorah) when Yehoishuah led the Jewish people and sent spies – they repented and fulfilled G-d’s will.





23.Standing in the very final moment, about to greet the righteous Moshiach, we must know that the power to light the world – the torch filled with Divine radiance has been passed (from the millions of pious Jews in the previous generations, going back to Sinai) to us!


17.This applies even to the bedroom of a child – for every Jewish child’s bedroom should have in it, A Siddur, A Tzeddakah-Box, and a Chumash – once these things are there, when the child sees it, the child goes to study or give charity etc. 21.When the Jews came to Poland they said “Poh-Lin” (“here we will stay over.”)


24.Just as the entire body rests on the heal, and the heal takes the head where it can, on its own, never go – so too, we, relative to all of our ancestors!


18.We now see the Jew’s job – namely lighting oneself and the world, but in such a way that everything, from the most sacred, to the most mundane, are used for, hence become spiritual.


22.In other words, a Jew always knows, his true home is in the messianic age when G-d will return all of us – however wherever we are, we hope that it is in an environment of peace and security (as we know that in the good days in Poland, many of the ministers would give their estates to be managed by Jews, who used their substantial wealth for good things) and so we transform the night to day.


25.By us creating the era of Moshiach, resulting in the complete redemption, hoped, prayed, anticipated, desired and worked for, thousand of years! we redeem the past, the present, and the entire reality!

19.Now we understand why specifically, Aharon the Cohen was commanded to light the Menorah – it is known, he excelled in love for everyone, (even “lowlifes,”) for our job is not to shun, but to kindle; not to be harsh, but to uplift; not to denigrate, but to elevate.

  26.The Previous Rebbe, the Cohen of our generation, whose love for all was unconditional, has told us, we are standing on the very threshold of redemption, our buttons (like in an army parade) are polished, we just need to stand spiritually charged!