From The Rebbe

A Talk About the Role of Rabbis 5750


The goal of a Rav (a halachic authority) is to show the Jewish people, in every particular, what is the correct way – based on Torah law.


The whole point of Jewish law, is to, through the refining and clarity of what’s right, to bring about peace, harmony, and love.


The goal of a Rabbi is also to encourage kindness and charity.


moshe The Rambam clarifies the difference between chessed/kindness, tzedakah/charity, and mishpat/law – kindness has no limits, charity is to one who is need (though according to Judaism, this is common-decency – much as you wouldn’t want yourself to be abandoned..) and law is simply, decency (such as repaying (a loan.)


This (that Rabbis teach kindness) is especially so by Chabad, as they follow in the footsteps (of the Rebbes.)


One of the reasons for the Rabbis to gather (over Shavous,) as this gathering enables their communication (in a far easier, fluid, hence better results (in discovering solutions.)

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