Zeh Hayom 5738 – Quotes From The Rebbe



A day in which a miracle occurs, is intrinsically, so, opportune.

Furthermore this causes that the said revelation should be repeated.

Furthermore, the exact moment – when the miracle occurred – becomes its greatest.

Just as a miracle obviously creates a supranatural nature, it likewise affects the time (we often don’t realize that time too…)

There are two types of miracles, those that are obvious, and those that are through natural means (a miracle is anything unexpected (based on probability)) now in those that come into the natural realm, there are two: those that it is obvious (for example Purim) and those that as we see, even the one who the miracle occurred to, doesn’t realize.


Desire so confuses us, that we think, we have thought; (for example, the only reason someone wants drugs or revenge, is because it causes them pleasure.)


Desire is an example on miracles – for there are those desires that are obvious (say love – so we don’t think it is rational) then there are those desires that seems rational; and in these, there are those that unfortunately we realize (that it’s actually the desire – say for a good food) and then there is (like bribery) where the we think, we have thought (though without the bribe…)


In essence, the greatest miracles are those that one realizes not (for if a miracle is something extraordinary…)

As G-d is beyond both miracles and nature (like an artist is beyond say black and white) therefore He can/does combine (hence when we see a miracle within nature – we understand “G-d.”)


There are four stages of the infinite in the finite:


First one falls in love with God – however, love ultimately is about (the emotions of the lover – not the loved.)

In order to receive God, one must have fear, which create humility (and in humility, we are a receiver.)

Then as we know, all revelations occur through Torah, and primarily the revelation of the essence (of G-d) occurs through the essence (of Torah) hence through Chassidus, the essential union becomes revealed.


Finally, as what draws down the infinite, is the letters of Torah – they are like pipelines bringing the infinite into the finite (much like words, deliver emotions) hence we must daily say Chit”as.


It is known, joy breaks limitations – but they are the limitations over what one is joyous over (so say I have anxiety – when in joy – my anxiety dissipates) now therefore one should rejoice in G-d – for as G-d is obviously unlimited (therefore when rejoicing in G-d, this will be your destiny.)


When we rejoice – such as on Passover – over the redemption – this causes once again.

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Indeed, we should all look for these miracles day to day.


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