There are three dispositions – when we are in love, as the famous adage, “love is blind” (as what we desire is the connection, so subconsciously ) we don’t judge – as King Solomon says, “all faults are concealed” (we literally can see only the good/benefit. – It also applies say to a substance – anything that we want – it’s only when the pain or shame exceeds the pleasure, that we begin to realize) Conversely, when in hate, all we do is judge (this is not because we are righteous – rather, we are giving ourselves the excuse – so just as like you can see nothing good in a mosquito – for your hate of them causes your desire to annihilate them – similarly, this is how miserable, hence jealous people see everyone – but particularly good people (for their jealousy, over those who have positive self-image, is enormous) Finally the true state, is where you can be objective

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