Visamti Codcoid – 5716




There is the Avodah (self-refinement) from below to above and the revelation from above to below – the benefit of the former is that in elevating oneself – though the height one can reach is obviously limited, nonetheless, the elevation gets integrated (as one bonds with the light.)


Now in revelation, the benefit is that there is no end (as God is infinite) to how much a person can – and the ultimate is the messianic era, when there will be both human ascension (hence the benefit of integration) as well as Divine revelation (like a symbiotic dance.)


The goal is that your thought speech and action, should be exclusively those of your Divine soul (positive) and this elicits the reciprocation (so to say, that the Divine, speech, and actoin blesses.)


When you heart is madly in love (with God) this elicits a reciprocal (infinite blessings)


Now though God is beyond emotions, nonetheless he so set up the system.


Now the hallmark of the spiritual is unity (which means there are divergent paths complementing, creating a greater whole).


As such, in man’s personal service, the dimension of elevating oneself is through prayer and the dimension of drawing down Divinity (upon or in oneself) is through Torah study.


Within prayer we also have these two dimensions, in that we have the prayers of night and the prayers by day.


Within Torah study we have these two dimensions in that we have both the written and oral Torah (I am not sure which represents which.)


Finally, through us eliciting these dimensions, currently in exile, we cause that their revelation in the very soon messianic era, to be fulfilled.

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