Teztaveh 5752 – Quotes from the Rebbe



The meaning of Mazal refers to the fact that the entire soul in fact is above, and only a sliver comes into the body (so the Mazal – the luck of the Jew in actual fact is his Divine soul.)


This is why the words for Mazal is nozel (mazal is luck – noizel is drips) for from our Divine soul drips our life and fortune.


This is the statement “there is no Mazal for a Jew” – in other words, we are not subject to astrological forces, for our Divine soul infinitely exceeds them.


As in Adar the Mazal of the Yid is strengthened and as the Jew’s mazal is in essence God (hence “Ayin” which refers to God “is the Jew’s mazal”) therefore it causes the connection of the inner soul and the outer soul (the soul above and below) align the Jew to remain steadfast.


In Adar a Jew has a unique power to reveal his essential core self.


Adar’s unique Mazal is connected to the fact that Moshe was born then, as Moses is the Jewish people and vice-versa, and birth relates to the essence (for at birth a person doesn’t even have a name.)


The goal of our Adar Mazal is not to ascend but to bring the infinite into the finite.


The symbolism of the Menorah, is that the Divine soul (above) and the Divine soul within, combine (as it states in Kabbalah “my soul was bound in a single bond.”)


Every Jew is infinitely beyond the Torah, for as we know, we must give up Torah for saving a life.


Do everything you can to bring Moshiach now!

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