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The question is asked, what is the reason the verse states “swords” in the context of Moshach, when it states “the nations will beat their swords into plowshares.”


The answer is that there are two stages or states, within the messianic era.


The first is where there are still those from the Erev -Rav (misnagdim) who are filled with ego, as well as some gentiles (for example Arabs, Russia, who have not let go of the sword.)


As Moshiach progresses (it appears to me, that this first stage has occurred, as the Rebbe said that in 1991 Moshiach has come – yet there is still the progressive washing out of the ego of the arrogant – as we see both in the Arabs, Russia, and perhaps lihavdil the misnagdim, understanding of their own remarkable stupidity (for all ego is simply delusions of grandeur, creating jealousy, hence narcissism, and malice, while meanwhile everyone else without these symptoms are living joyous lives) so soon the complete messianic era, when the dead will rise etc. and the spirit of evil forever will be banished.

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