Life is this simple – within us, is a the spirit of God, the source of all life this Spirit descended through Contracting itself and descending into a body, and the body then has independent desires such as supremacy which also causes anger, for the person who feels Superior believes he must get his way and vengeance which is to reclaim the delusion of superiority and jealousy which is the belief that someone else unfairly has it better than you, and jealousy creates the desire to either shame or destroy that which makes one jealous of; then there is the desire for pleasure which also causes addiction, then there is the desire for love, unity, affection; then there is the desire for laziness and fun; and the tendency towards depression; and of-course we have positive desires such as seeking the truth, as well as compassion, but the positive desires come from our mind, as they are based on identifying – seeing another as ourselves

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