there are effectively only five human realms – from bad to good – the worst realm as we see with the arabs is an honor based society – as society in which a father can murder his daughter for dishonoring him, including by getting raped, is sick to its very core; but what’s interesting about honor societies is that they are (as I had the “good fortune” of being in the midst of one in Africa) they are actually shame-fearing societies (you see trauma is recurring fear – the one thing we fear most is being shamed – so when a. you have been shamed by your parents, society etc. hence believe you are shameful b. you then become neurotic, so on one hand, like obama you pretend to be some saint, but internally your saintliness is fear, and inwardly you harbor both anger, resentment (jealousy, which is another subject) – then there are respectful societies – as in the west where the idea of democracy, more importantly individual liberty, based on God given human dignity took hold, people, can be “too free…” – as we have an epidemic of people on drugs, wasting their lives (lacking the fear of shame… they may not be malicious but certainly not productive) A healthy balance is how God created within the Jews… namely, on one hand being a minority there is a humility, but on the other hand, due to high expectations (as one Israeli investor explained the secret of Jewish success – “by six, a Jewish mother says to her child, ‘after everything I did for you, is a noble prize too much to ask’”) this kind of high expectations, inculcates the belief that you are capable (and without this belief you are doomed) – then, within healthier societies, you have specifically, some of us inborn with great drive (who become ceo’s, leaders etc.) and others with a predilection (somewhat myself) to laziness / depression.

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