The rules of life are this simple, as the primary book of creation, Sefer Yetzira states, there are three dimensions: time (past, present, future – the ever rotating cycle) space = place/s; and soul = now every soul has a primary desire, pleasure; and a primary fear, pain -However as Tanya clarifies, we actually have two souls – there is the Divine soul that being “a chip off the old block” seeks altruism (hence our capacity to sacrifice) and then there is the animal soul – now each animal soul is made up of four parts: earth, air, fire, water – earth is the tendency to laziness and sadness (when things don’t go our way) fire is the desire for supremacy, and anger when they don’t (though his anger is commensurate with my ego – expectation to get my way…) there is water, the instinctive elements that give you a sense of pleasure from the bottom organ, to food, music, even discovery/ies; then there is air, the desire for fun (airless, mindless, entertainment) – and because apart from all creation we have a mind that can dominate our instincts, when we desire to live according to our Godly soul, we can

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