It was the last major address of the messiah – yes in every generation there is a potential messiah – his greatness is that of Moses – his knowledge even more (as he has studied all since) his prophecy on par – in our generation, the Lubavitcher Rebbe – knew he, that felled by a stroke a week or so later, his speech would be inhibited (as he had already predicted) and in his last major address he revealed the entire cosmic destiny – a plan so simple and beautiful, that the only words I have, is to requote Einstein, “we know not God’s secret, but when we do, it will be both simple and beautiful” (the great scientist was a great believer and he oft said, “my entire quest in science is to know God’s mind”) you see dear friend, the Rebbe – the master of all, revealed a Kabbalistic doctrine which encompasses everything – for in the first moment, in which the Creator desired his creation, and in that flash, all subsequent events occurred (like a DVD, later pressed play) a system of how all events would unfold was also….. – and by understanding the cosmic system, you will understand truth

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