Chayei Sara 5747 – Jewish quotes



When Avrohom finished his earthly task, he brought with him every moment (filled with goodness and kindness – he lost not a moment.)


Every Jew must emulate this – in fact, not only did Avrohom complete his tasks based on a human accounting, but being one with God, also on an infinite.


We know, it states every Jew must emulate their forefathers (and they can) generally the Avoda (service) of Avrohom represents love (of God and man) the service of Yitzchok represents respect (for God and man) and the service of Yaakov represents truth/compassion (both in submitting to God and assisting man.)


Now in holiness / goodness is a combined path (in other words – where there is ego, each path (even if it has truth) is distinct (as ego always seeks supremacy) in contradistinction, where there is humility, it is what is currently best.)

AGE 90 (40)

When a person reaches 90 (as 40) their perception of Torah and Teffila elevates.


May God grant that the blessing of Bakoil (everything – spiritual and material and both combined ) be granted to each of us (for as we reveal the Abraham within – as there is the spark of Mosses within – so does the blessing descend.)


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