Did I ever tell you – well it’s about time – I discovered an ancient secret — one that transformed my life – it was in a book called 365 Meditations of the Rebbe – in it, it said, that if you don’t know what to do, just ask God, and the first thought subsequently, would be his reply – well my life wasn’t all that great, so I had nothing to lose – since then I must have done this at least a million times, and without fail, it never fails – then one day, as by nature I am very lazy, I said to God, why should I have to ask – why don’t you just tell me…: ) – and miraculously my mind suddenly fell silent – all that background chit-chatter (or as one doctor called it, “the panic in the attic”) simply fell away; and like a GPS, from that day, I get the first thought – and the reason I share this, is not to tell of the experience (which by the way, a thousand grim warnings – as “fools tread where angels fear to go” – as the closer you get to God the more the satan challenges you – hence though the first mechanism is pretty safe, the second is like (quite literally) having to fight the battle to the ring (J.R. Toilkin)

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