Chag Ha-asif 5743




The reason that the three pilgrimage festivals (Pesach, Sukkois and Shavous) were scheduled in relation to the planting and harvesting of the grains – produce – for they relate to giving us, spiritual produce.


This is why Sukkois is called the festival of gathering (for not only at that time do we gather the grain) but more importantly, we are gathering on all the spiritual forces (from Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.)


Just as the gathering of the harvest was done before Sukkois, so, the spiritual harvest (as obviously during the festival one may not harvest.)


Following this spiritual intake, we celebrate (Sukkois.)


Unity is not that there are no differences, rather that it is our very differences that contribute to a greater whole.


True unity is that the disparate entities, form a singular whole.


Hence, the ultimate global unity, as it states by the messianic era – “they will come together to form a single union to do your will, in peace” (in other words, this doesn’t mean the abolishing of self, but as we all rise beyond self, into a common (though simultaneously individualized: for example, like many players, playing on the same football team) goal.)


To begin global unity – which is the collection of the multitude into a higher oneness – we must begin by unifying the Torah.


Every idea in Torah has 600,000 interpretations, based on the simple meaning (pshat) 600,000 interpretations, based on what it is hinting (remez), as well as for allusions (drush) soid (secret.)


We must gather the 600,000 interpretations of pshat (forming a singular theme) as well as of remez, drush, soid, and eventually from the entire 2,400,000 a singular idea.


This is the meaning “You should gather your grain, your vines and your oil” for grain refers to nigleh (the revealed Torah) wine refers to nistar (the concealed, namely Kabbalah) and oil, refers to Chassidus.


We must gather both, each (nigleh, nistar and chassidus) individually, and all together.


We must raise them to a level beyond division – to the fundamental point of unification (within the source) and even higher.


Though the main era of this Torah unity will be when Moshiach comes, as it states, “he will reveal the secrets of the Torah” nonetheless, this is at least as a foretaste, currently accessible.


This Torah unity, causes one to have unity in all aspects of their life, including in the literally, the physical gathering of grain (income.)


True unity will be when Moshiach comes, as it states, all Jews will sit in a single Sukkah, nonetheless, a foretaste is currently accessible.


Especially as we are in the cusp of redemption – these revelations are currently eminently accessible.

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