The infinite truth can be seen in the structure… – mainly Einstein had an inkling, though he didn’t discover – you see, his entire quest in science as he stated “to know the mind of God” – and he didn’t – for as Kabbalah states, without the mystical wisdom, there is not unity (understanding – which was his second lifelong goal (to discover the universal field-theory, that would unite all) For in actual fact, all pulsates, from the lowly atom (popping in and out of existence) to the physical being (cerulean photography…) certainly the breath made by plants and animals and people; never mind the pulsating heart, pumping blood over 100,000 time daily) and yet, if you begin at the true beginning (not at human perception, which is after it began) all that exists (from our vantage point) is nothing – Hence the creation of man is not the physical, rather the spirit, the consciousness – so in simple words, what Einstein couldn’t imagine, was that a. all pulsates, b. the true existence, that the true “existor” creates, is a consciousness that through thinking – like the heart and the lungs, that contract and expand, will continually both expand and then integrate – and as the primary Kabbalist, Rabbi Shnuer Zalman teaches, in other words, like the notes in a symphony, with each instrument going high and low, creating a cosmic melody

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