Kinesher Yair – quotes from the Rebbe 5742


Everything that exists in the Torah, exists in all the infinite spiritual universes.

Nonetheless, the main Torah is down here.


Everything above as the Maagid teaches, is a response to us.

Everything that occurs is a reaction to you.

As the principle, that, that which is highest (when falling) descends lowest, hence the entire structure of destiny depends on man.


The the lower we are, the higher we ascend.

Through the very knowledge that we are at the depths of depravity, do we ascend.

As Hearts attract, hence no matter from what location you seek God, He seeks you.


Though our awe, fear and love of God, may be minuscule, none-the-less, it draws down reciprocal love and respect.

Through us having compassion below, this causes compassion above.


God not only doesn’t expect us to be perfect, knowing where He placed us, the challenges that HE gave us, HE IS thrilled with any positivity.


When we turn to God we Elevate ourselves to become one with him.

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