Kabbalah On Business



You might wonder?


What does an esoteric doctrine, passed from G-d to Moses, studied only by the greatest Rabbis in secret, and only recently revealed, have to do with business?


You might be surprised to know, that according to the Talmud – the most definitive book on Jewish law – the very first question we are asked when we arrive in heaven… “Did you conduct your affairs with integrity?”


We may ask; why would G-d create a capitalistic economy?


Clearly the world is meant to function that we all have needs and skills – in the exchange of these, we create profit; both economically, but of-course, quite literally, a profit/benefit.


The answer goes to the very first Jewish prayer – a prayer recited by millions of unfortunately martyred Jews – hallowed in its centrality to the Jewish faith;  It can be seen as the raison detr’e of creation, “Observe, Jews; The Lord Our God, The Lord Is One” (Shema Yisroel…)


Now you may wonder, what exactly is so remarkable about the “Lord being one”?


The answer is in the Hebrew word for one.


You see every Hebrew letter is also a number.


The Hebrew word for one, is Echad; it is comprised of three letters/number: Alef/1, Ches / 8, and Daled/4.


In other words, what we are saying is, that, “Understand, that the multiplicity you see, is all in fact a singular energy – manifesting in multiple forms.”


You can sense a great truth – something that unites the various disparate entities, into a sum greater than its parts.


And this is my friend, the secret of creation – for why would, the One, need Many?


The answer is, that the Many, united; form a sum greater than their parts;
Do we not, all love, Love?
Do we not, rejoice in hug?
In a loving spouse?
In loving children?
Does division not cause sadness,
perhaps bitterness and resentment?


Yes; for the world was created for the sole purpose to create unity.


But the secret to unity is actually division – for only things that are different, can have the joy of being similar.


And hence the business world is far more than a necessity or opportunity; (certainly all that causes ego, hence arrogance – separates, and is counter-productive.) Rather the business world is the blessing, not only hopefully to be comfortable, and fulfill our highest calling of giving charity; but furthermore, through the services it provides, and perhaps even more importantly, the encounters it necessitates –
When conducted in a spirit of mutual benefit –
In a spirit of integrity –
In a spirit of collaboration –
In a spirit of win-win –
In a spirit of generosity –
In a spirit of respect –
The process itself, forms bonds, that bring the world, to the sum of its parts.

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