Many don’t understand Trump – you see to understand a person you must as Kabbalah, understand their three operating system – much like without understanding the hard drive and ram you will never understand what a computer is – firstly we are all delusional – our very image that we exist, something that literally for every single person – that’s over 7,000,000,000 people! (never mind the trillions of animals insects, trees, birds, fish etc.) over 120 years ago (for humans; sometime days for insects etc.) you simply didn’t. – NOw of-course all energy comes from God, so in essence – your essence, you always existed – but in the person who you think you are – the certainty that your body is you – just a little while ago (think how in the span of time, it’s not even a minute) you weren’t. – Now in order to believe we exist, we must fall in love with our existence – this is done through the miracle of crying – you see hidden within us is an ego – the ego gets happy when it feels powerful (and conversely angry when it feels demeaned, and depressed when it feels stuck) so as we are born, we begin to cry; we then cry as we have needs, and as our crying creates results, we believe “walla” my little crying body is king! (this is why two year olds throw tantrums, as they are incensed that they, who are (in their perception) the king, are not being followed (there’s a direct correlation between expectation and frustration) However beyond the ego is the more essential self, the feelings, emotions, heart of a human – generally these have two drives: toward, attraction, love; and away, fear, pain – so one track is how our ego feels (big, small, depressed, angry etc.) another track is what we are attracted to (addictions being a prime example – as hormones kick in, the opposite sex; perhaps friends; parents etc.) and what we fear (now unfortunately we often fear people – for someone jealous of our happiness shames us – and as the brain associates all possible sources – it maps all things that are similar to tell you what may contribute to either more pleasure or pain, and if the pain is acute, then the mapping becomes likewise – hence many people in an acute emotion, be it toward (say drugs) or away (be it fear of people) their brain will constantly show them all potentials (hence they are either living in hope / addiction, or phobic anxiety – now anxiety causes two problems – the first is besides the destruction of our physical and mental abilities, it often causes depression (remember hopelessness and ego) and it also often causes jealousy – for if we do have a bit of an ego (grandeur etc.) we feel it isn’t fear that “you should feel calm while I feel anxious” – this desire to cause you to feel pain, causes bullying, terrorism etc.) Now finally we have a mind – ah’ what makes us awesome! – lucky are we that can rise above our delusion of self – for in real truth we are simply Divine spark, Star! pulsating with His compassion, love, concern, wisdom

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