all truth boils down to five – firstly a human being is selfishly motivated – even our love and compassion is because “I feel that way” (the proof of this is, if the same person angers you, you desire vengeance) b. though we are fundamentally selfishly motivated, we are also fundamentally idealistic – in other words, because unlike an animal our soul is directly from God, which manifests mainly in our mind – we have the capacity to think about right / wrong – a better world; c. a human being also has a strong fear of shame – as such, bullies use this to cause acquiescence – as we see both in hitler’s Germany, as well as how millions of Americans were / are afraid to stand up to obama (whose theories are all anti American, pro-gay, anti-israel, anti-wealth, and the typical litany of a radicals and terrorists handbook) d. there is no possibility that God would be subject either to selfishness (for his “ego” never stood in contrast to anyone else’s – hence cannot be jealous etc. – as such God’s only motive can be an unconditional love e. as such, only by unconditionally acquiescing to the Divine wisdom, can we become selfless

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