Daily Archives: December 13, 2017

Evil doesn’t know – it is blinded by its sense of victimization (like the Arabs, as a former terrorist told me, they carry the sense of victimization that Yishmoel felt when he was banished) this then creates the bully persona (a false exterior to cover the bleeding ashamed interior) however the brain which is privy not to the subconscious but conscious- as we believe our thoughts, hence believes the insane grandiosity! – once this grandiose “best in the world” persona has been set up, we then become jealous – now jealousy is a form of hate, hate causes the desire to annihilate – and all desires are rationalized (hence the bizarre insane excuses to justify killing Jews or anyone)

Our sages teach that in our era, the era right before Moshiach comes, it will not be a day in which the curses: the forces of darkness, the forces of hate, of pornography, of vilification, of sadism do not rare the ugly head

Whenever we exist We Exist consistently within five realms

All pain is personal

Whoever doesn’t accept you doesn’t accept themselves

Condemnation not only never comes from strength but from profound insecurity

The greatest insensitivity of the sensitive is more sensitive than the greatest sensitivity of the insensitive