The Maagid – YOU / DIVINE It states that when the Jewish people were at the sea, they perceived G-d as a young man and at Mount Sinai as an elderly man – the question of-course is – God has no visage? – The answer is, as we know, that when a person loves their son much, even when their son is not before them, they perceive the visage of their son – now when their son is good, they have that perception, but even if their son is bad, they nonetheless from love still see – hence when the Jewish people left Egypt, they were like a child being born – by the time they arrived at the sea of reeds, they were like a young man (for this reason they needed Moses to lead them) however by the time they arrived at Mount Sinai, they had already acquired wisdom (hence were able to reply Naaseh Vi’nishmah, we shall first obey and then comprehend). Hence it was in actual fact their own reflection in the Divine.