Sayings Of The Maagid 213, whose Yor Tzeit is today

The Maagid teaches an important principle – everything that comes into our field, be it thought, vision, hearing etc. all was designed.


The purpose of this design is inevitably one of two things:


Either it serves as lessons in life – as the Baal Shem Tov teaches, that everything contains an immortal lesson (on how to grow.)


The second is that it is negative, however the negative mirrors a positive.


In other words, as there is love of G-d there is lust – as there is fear of G-d, there is fear.


Now this would be similar to a person who is sent a message from the king – if the message is a bad one, and the messenger comes dressed in scary clothing (think police) a person might become very fearful, but this person is a fool, for instead of fearing the messenger, he should go deal with the king.


Similarly, if the messenger is a minister, and has a joyous message, the person might become very happy sitting with the messenger and rejoicing; while in actual fact, the king desires for him to rejoice with the king.


It is obvious that the same dude who made the body made the soul and as God says, you can discern the soul from the mechanisms of the body, for just as the body is a. A creation, B. constantly is in a fight for its existence (as the immune system is consistently fighting off cancer cells and other viruses and diseases) so to the soul is in constant fight for it existence and can only do so using the immunology given through faith and Torah