The lie called Palestine

The Arabs who in fact were very much behind the holocaust (http://www.worldfuturefund.org/wffmaster/Reading/Total/hitler.mufti.htm)

and as confirmed and written by a former PLO Terrorist in his book “The Terrorists Mind”: that the Arabs have nothing less then a four thousand year old sibling rivalry!

From both the Jewish and Cristian perspective reality is pretty straight-forward:


Avroham had a son born by the request of his wife Sara through a concubine called hagar.


Then Sara had a son.

Then Sara (according to commentaries) saw that Yishmoel was trying to kill his brother (who he rightfully suspected was now the “favorite” son.)


Then Sara had Abraham expel, with God’s consent Yishmoel.


But as the former terrorist told me – what we in the west don’t get, is that the Arabs, the descendants of Yishmoel never forgot and never forgave.


It is though astonishingly inaccurate and delusional, yet psychologically sound and simple to see why an Arab named Mohamed rewrote history (I don’t know all of his delusional lies) but effectively (as I understand) he switched sara with hagar and had Yishmoel be the one offered as a possible sacrifice. – Classic jealousy, leading to both a delusional reality (to comfort oneself) yet as the motive is jealousy simultaneously a desire for vengeance and total annihilation.


Now let’s deal with the Palestinians – unlike in Arabic fantasy, reality is either black or white, so a. Palestine is either part of an ancient tribe which isn’t Arabs, or they are Arabs hence come from Arabia (note the etymological difference.)


The simple truth, is the Arabs took a page out of hitler’s manual, for his own PR manager Goebbels said, that if you tell a big lie its believed –
would anyone think that someone is so debased, sick and evil, to actually invent an entire fictitious people?!


Would anyone be so debased as to tell the Arabs living in Israel in 1948, just “leave so we can slaughter the Jews and then return?”!


Would anyone be so debased as to believe that after losing the war not only would the Arabs who left and went to neighboring Arab countries such as Lebanon and Syria etc. would be denied for the next 70! years, not only citizenship but basic rights, all so they could call the Jews “bad.”


Would anyone be so debased as to believe that if stupid Arabs clamor for rights on the Temple Mount, it may be because they believe that when the Jews pray on the Temple  mount (which is why they don’t mind Jews visiting, but try to forbid praying) it is a sign that their religion, based on fantasy and delusion, is wrong.


Would anyone be so debased to think that Iran who potently calls for the destruction of the Jewish people like hitler did – could really do it?



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