I think I finally figured it out – you see the great quandary of spirituality… it’s like climbing to heaven – imagine getting into a rocket – you have a biosphere – you can live forever – when exactly will you reach a space which as we know now (the main breakthrough of the Hubble Telescope ) that the universe is not only continually expanding, but increasing its infinite speed – so there must be a point of which we return – and here is the system – when we are born, we are born into a very strong identity – we perceive ourselves (hopefully) as valued and valuable (we further take on the perception of grandiosity, that we assume our parents, country, religion etc. is) however the goal is not to touch man but to touch God (to get beyond ego) as such, if we are fortunate (as many in western democracies today) to have both freedom and prosperity, we are enabled to contemplate – “why am I here?” because being here doesn’t cause me any satisfaction. – at this point if we are fortunate, we get touched from above – we are reborn – we are on a high – we seek to reach God – the problem is, that remember infinite space – so the conclusion – or better said, the start – of our journey with God, comes from entering into the realms of ratzu/vshuv highs and returns