Daily Archives: November 12, 2017

I say this to be of benefit – know that for every Indulgence there is a corresponding infinite fire

Between emotions and intellect, intellect must always dominate

The one important analogy from the body to the personality, is that just as the body obviously wishes to be healthy, but it depends on the input that is given (healthy or unhealthy food) the same applies to our soul

The end of the day, truth will reveal, that all realities can operate simultaneously

Though vulnerability is admirable, it must be balanced with, when necessary, strength

Maturity is when your brain supersedes

Another amazing insight from the Rebbe Rashab – he brings an example of a teacher and a student – now before the teacher teaches the student, the knowledge is simple – it is so known to the teacher that he need not even think about it – in order to teach the student, he must “lower” himself (stop thinking about lofty thoughts) and teach – this teaches us, that before G-d made the world, none of reality even existed – even as an entity – it was only his desire to give (which manifested… – for example, when a teacher desires to teach, this desire causes the teacher to create, contract, give.)