CHAPTER 3 MAN’S SOUL “Man’s soul is divided into two, mind and emotions.” MAN’S SOUL “There are three parts to the mind, and seven parts to the emotions.” GODLY SOUL “The Godly soul’s mind, is, Wisdom, Understanding and Knowledge (of God.)” GODLY SOUL “The Godly soul’s emotions are love of God, dread, fear, reverence of God etc.” MIND / EMOTIONS “Wisdom, understanding and knowledge are called the mother of the emotions, for based on one’s wisdom, understanding and knowledge, are the subsequent emotions (feelings of love or fear) born.” CHOCHMAH / WISDOM “Wisdom, in the mind that produces new ideas, is called Chochmah/wisdom.” BINAH / UNDERSTANDING “When one contemplates a new idea, seeing its details, then this is called Binah/understanding.” MIND / EMOTIONS “Wisdom/chochmah and understanding/binah, are the mothers that give birth to love and reverence for God.” MEDITATION (LOVE OF GOD) “For when one deeply attaches one’s mind to the belief, that God permeates every living (and even non-living, see Shaar Hayichud Va-hemunah, Book Two of the Tanya,) and is also beyond them, and in fact everything is like not even as a speck of dust relative to him, hence a great awesome reverence is born, leading one to hold G-d in incredible esteem, and then a yearning to unite with his greatness follows.” FIRE / LOVE (FOR GOD) “Longing for God comes from the element of fire in the Godly soul and as the naturalists write, that the element of fire is to be found in the heart (passion.)” WATER / MIND “The source of the element of water and coolness, comes from the brain, this is the level of wisdom/Chochmah which is found in the brain, belonging to the Godly soul.” EMOTIONS “All feelings/emotions/middos are offshoots, children, of the source feelings/emotions/middos, love and fear.” DAAS / INTEGRATING “The third Read more…

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