Quotes From Tanya Chapter 2



“The second soul in a Jew is literally part of God above.”


“In every generation there are the Rebbes of the generation whose souls are like a head relative to a ankle” (i.e. far more developed, though the essence of all souls – the second soul – is God Himself.)


“An example would be, that just as the original essence of the drop of semen though coming initially (in a very amorphous state) being in the father’s mind, yet creates the ankle of his son, so though in essence this ankle is (as it is from) the father’s mind, nonetheless, manifestly, it is only the son’s ankle – In other words though on earth you may not see how your soul is part of G-d, yet on a substance (essential Being state) it is.”


“Just as the ankle receives its sustenance (directions,) from the brain (which manages the whole body) hence even the ‘ankle souls’ receive their sustenance from the source ‘mind,’ namely through the energy of God transmitted via the Rebbe of the generation. In other words, cosmically as the Rebbe’s soul is source, hence as it states, “every generation has a Tzaddik who is the foundation” – so all the energy that flows, creating everything in this world, comes first (analogous to how, though the ankle and brain are though separate, yet one directs the other) the Rebbe.”

“To connect to the Rebbe, is to literally connect to God, the sages teach us.”