Daily Archives: November 4, 2017

The goal is not to be a person who takes a break to do good, but the opposite (in other words – to temporarily eat, sleep, work, go to the bathroom etc.)-

On the day you were born, there was a message – “Warning – This product is given 80 … years”

what if simultaneously G-d is enlightening individually

Stupidity = politics – media – group think

there is no poor, stupid, ignorant, angry people – there are only highly highly unfortunate circumstances

As every bolt, every screw, every tire, every wire, all come together and in their perfect union you have a car – every person, whether man or woman – child or elder – by each of us simply being – especially our best – we have life!

As crazy as it may seem – we are all really Divine – think about it – in each of us is a diamond – a soul – a life-force – Now energy must come from somewhere – we are all literally Divine – But even more importantly, just as a flame lit from a bonfire is the smaller version – so too, when we are born, we are born moral, born compassionate – This soul enters into a body, and the body gives it pain and pleasure – we need to eat etc. – but all things being equal (if life provides security, as well as humility (for when we have an ego, we can never tolerate not getting our way, and as we can never always, therefore we can’t be happy) So a person by nature feels love – unfortunately the ultimate goal is not only to love, but to act, and for this one needs to overcome one’s body – it’s an epic journey – one we’re all figuring…