REJOICING (YOM TOV) Hashem should grant that we should completely fulfil the directive of rejoicing on Yom Tov, as the Rambam clarifies that this is when we all are together – specifically (or especially) families, communities. This Joy should continue year-out. REJOICING (YOM TOV – ESPECIALLY WHEN THERE IS A CHAZAKAH)   This is especially true this year, seeing that the first two days of Yom Tov are followed by Shabbos, hence the rejoicing which is threefold (chazakah) continues through the rest of Sukkois and especially on Shemini Atzeres and Simchas Toirah.   Particularly as (in chutz la-aretz – diaspora) we have “three times three” for Rosh Hashanah was followed by Shabbos, as the first and last days of Sukkois – hence increasing in the infinite yearlong rejoicing.. REJOICING (YOM TOV – ESPECIALLY THE YEAR I WILL DEMONSTRATE WONDERS)   This is compounded by the fact that this year is called “the year I will demonstrate wonders,” which means that in addition to the previous year (The Year of Miracles) this is a year of super-wonders. This is markedly so, bearing in mind that the entire concept of joy is the breaking of boundaries (limitations,) hence the miraculous nature of this year should break all negative limits, similar to as we say, to reach the ultimate unlimited state of “ad di loi yada,” which is the state of Purim – as is known, it says Yom Ki-ppur (which we are now coming from) is but like Purim – for while on Yom Kippur one elevates through spiritual abstinence, on Purim is through physical integration. MOSHAICH May “the Year I Will Demonstrate Wonders” manifest the main wonder of the coming of Moshiach- in which is says that relative to the miracles of the Exodus (from Egypt) it will be wondrous. Read more…

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