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How you can bring World Peace☮️ _ just share/forward – Hurting People (as we subconsciously become jealous as we feel it’s unjustified) Hurt – Happy People, Are

Just as a computer may be far more rational and mathematically infinitely more accurate than a human nonetheless compared to the person who uses it, it is completely powerless/irrational-in fact not only does it submit but it is created for its will, so to you and your brain

The infinite – Once Upon a Time I made a computer game – in this game the players will be born into a universe exactly looking like this world – it would be a day, a month, it would be the physical expanse of the universe, land and oceans etc. etc. – then I would place both within them and outside of them the desire for recognition and the jealousy of it – but when they had their fill of stupid Wars, both Global and personal, and seeking for truth, meaning and purpose… – when the student is ready the master appears

I just discovered the secret of all secrets – Einstein said that when we discover the truth it will be both simple and beautiful – but what he couldn’t imagine, in fact he desperately in his own words said, that the world can be not only simple and beautiful but simultaneously unexpected – in other words, and this comes from the holy Maagid, the successor and disciple of the Baal Shem Tov, the way God functions is that he will take every single Good Deed that we do and like the ground which can receive any seed and make it grow, each Good Deed will have a separate miraculous benefit – so the great secret to life is that there is no physical or spiritual determinism

humility (not considering myself important) causes that I consider others