We all wish to be happy – but exactly what would happy look like? – a dancing man? – What if like the proverbial clown who comes to the psychiatrist (not dressed-up) seeking happiness, and the psychiatrist says – “There is a circus, and go there so you can see the clown” to which he replies, “But I am.” – Happiness is a combination of five things – 1. Lack of pain – this is both physical (though one can be happy in physical pain – if one doesn’t take it personal) but mainly, lack of fear, anxiety, stress (for these overtake our mind – rendering us victims – we become not only in pain, but often jealous hence angered, and certainly in anger, no man can be happy – People like obama who smile while they hate, are not happy; their joy is only from sadism / ego, and it isn’t happiness.) 2. So in order to be happy we have to be humble; this is why children are so happy – in fact living in Africa where many blacks (the vast majority) are humble (not sensing they are special – what the child has ) they have true happiness. 3. When you do something meaningful – every act of charity, of love, of goodness and kindness. 4. Practically, every morning you should make a gratitude list and read it – this will shift your energy away from entitlement, to Love; and 5. Practically, we need physical security – we need governments that protect its citizens, we need either an income (from pretty much any source – though of-course not one that makes our conscience nag (for that certainly destroys happiness – in general, it is important to mention, we all have within us a demon called the Yetzer Hara that tries to get us to be sad through inducing guilt – So one, a. can always change – and b. change is an ACTIVE – not negative process – So there is no place for feeling guilt (if you need to change, change; but the incessant guilt feelings are simply a trap)) a roof over our head – Praise Be The Holy One

The principle: We now have a new math – in fact it was the same person who invented the computer, game-theory and more, Van-Neuman who invented algorithms – algorithms are what is powering all artificial technology, such as self-driving cars etc. – algorithms is effectively smart math – it uses finite sequences (as all equations are details) for an ulterior purpose (such as using math to drive etc.) To understand reality one must understand algorithms – you see, the most beautiful art is based on algorithms, like the Mandelbrot fractals, and of-course the famous Divine code, pie – this mathematical sequence is what is found, from galaxies to seashells, from the ratio of human bodies to the number of leaves – and hence by understanding – the Divine algorithm – well everything is just so, as Einstein predicted, when we would discover the truth it would be both beautiful and simple – the Divine algorithm is five simultaneous fact – fact number one – the sum is greater than its part – this is in fact, the greatest Jewish prayer Shema Yisroel… – namely that through many for a united cause, the harmonious melodious synchronicity – each melody or note adding to the composition something far more beautiful; namely, unity ensues. Fact number 2, for unity to ensue there must be division – hence everyone has their own ego – but realizing how we share the fundamental purpose of life in common – rising beyond selfishness to great goodness and kindness, this creates e-pluribus-unum. Fact 3. God loves – hence he seeks that everyones’ life should be both peaceful and personally meaningful – again through rising beyond self to goodness and kindness, this occurs – but unlike many mistaken ideologies believe, “We must leave comfort and be miserable,” this is untrue – we must not be complacent but simultaneously we should have a physical, mental, emotional comfort. Fact 4. As God is love, but simultaneously infinite – beyond any limitation – hence he created a system whereby the seeker can continuously seek and find – it’s very much like hide-o-seek – first we seek, then we miraculously find, then when this revelation becomes (as all instant gratifications, like food etc.) blasé, we seek again, and find and seek and find ad-infinitum 5.

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