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If you want the truth – it is, that everything you discover not only was pre-ordained – it is part of your infinite journey.

Better than your best, is worst

The greatest discovery – why is it that Abraham is the father literally of every religion, spiritual philosophy – you see, until Abraham and pretty much (almost invaribly) since, our minds are simply too stupid – Abraham was first and foremost, the greatest philosopher – what he realized through observation and deduction is that there are many multiple realities – and if there are multiple realities within the same reality, there must be an infinite reality, capable of producing infinite realities, and simultaneously merging any

If you allow others to dictate – you’re a sucker – if you dictate, you’re evil…

The hierarchy of facts We don’t think of facts as having a hierarchy, we see it as either / or; But think about language – a child originally doesn’t know a single syllable – they learn “ma” “da” – they begin to learn – but even once we know a language there are nuances – meanings – as we grow older we perceive tones, hidden meanings – and perhaps we continually can plummet nuances

How to tell – from when Adam ate that fateful fruit – as Kabbalah teaches, light and darkness hitherto had been in different realms – but then it intermingled, black and white became grey – those who subconsciously are motivated by hate, cry they are motivated by oppressing oppressors – as we see, the rallying cry of terrorists (quite successful – 30,000 otherwise normal people have joined isis, with millions supporting,) “black lives matter” (the most hate filled divisive movement in America – at least in terms of its numbers, for at its core, it is evil – for if truth is, that blacks and whites are equal, than shaming whites is equally evil – particularly when most whites are not racists, and most black lives are taken by blacks – the list is endless – so the one way you can tell – is sensitivity (namely, all goodness is compassionate, and all cruelty is harshness.)

We all wish to be happy – but exactly what would happy look like? – a dancing man? – What if like the proverbial clown who comes to the psychiatrist (not dressed-up) seeking happiness, and the psychiatrist says – “There is a circus, and go there so you can see the clown” to which he replies, “But I am.” – Happiness is a combination of five things – 1. Lack of pain – this is both physical (though one can be happy in physical pain – if one doesn’t take it personal) but mainly, lack of fear, anxiety, stress (for these overtake our mind – rendering us victims – we become not only in pain, but often jealous hence angered, and certainly in anger, no man can be happy – People like obama who smile while they hate, are not happy; their joy is only from sadism / ego, and it isn’t happiness.) 2. So in order to be happy we have to be humble; this is why children are so happy – in fact living in Africa where many blacks (the vast majority) are humble (not sensing they are special – what the child has ) they have true happiness. 3. When you do something meaningful – every act of charity, of love, of goodness and kindness. 4. Practically, every morning you should make a gratitude list and read it – this will shift your energy away from entitlement, to Love; and 5. Practically, we need physical security – we need governments that protect its citizens, we need either an income (from pretty much any source – though of-course not one that makes our conscience nag (for that certainly destroys happiness – in general, it is important to mention, we all have within us a demon called the Yetzer Hara that tries to get us to be sad through inducing guilt – So one, a. can always change – and b. change is an ACTIVE – not negative process – So there is no place for feeling guilt (if you need to change, change; but the incessant guilt feelings are simply a trap)) a roof over our head – Praise Be The Holy One