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I shall fashion a world – complete with such a resplendent beauty, a bubble of such magnitude, that those born into it would be quite content – however as they are driven by their ego, hence lusts, therefore in a time beyond, when man sick of tyranny decides to unleash freedom, hence predilection, then  regurgitating their desires (for all desires lose their attraction through repetition) they shall seek – and then they shall find – they shall discover – they shall merge, and forever shall there be the cosmic dance

Everything (obviously – for nothing comes from nothing) is God. God created a perception – reality is in the words of one of its greatest researcher Einstein, “Reality is an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.” Actually reality exists on two planes – the actual matter is God (for that is the only true existence) while everything, such as sound, touch, taste etc. are merely perceptions. Hence in actual fact there are three realities – there is God, there is nature – perception, and then there is when man can rise beyond….

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