from – below Tishrei 11, 5778 · October 1, 2017 Today’s Mitzvah A daily digest of Maimonides’ classic work AUDIO & VIDEO CLASSES   • VIDEO CLASS: Rabbi Mendel Kaplan   Watch • Listen   • AUDIO CLASS: Rabbi Berel Bell   Listen • MP3 Download Positive Commandment 1 Belief in G-d“I am the L-rd, your G-d” —Exodus 20:2. The very first mitzvah is to believe in G-d–a primal entity that is the cause and origin of all that exists. Full text of this Mitzvah » Negative Commandment 1 Idol Worship “You shall have no other gods besides Me” —Exodus 20:3.The very first prohibition is against ascribing G-dly powers to any entity other than G-d. Full text of this Mitzvah » Positive Commandment 2 G-d’s Unity “Hear O Israel, the L-rd is our G-d, the L-rd is One” —Deuteronomy 6:4.We are commanded to believe and acknowledge that the One who provides existence to all of creation is one. Full text of this Mitzvah »

Kabbalah Life 1. The first step to life is to understand: 2. There is no understanding beginning with self (for example, there is a famous saying, “I think therefore I am” but that denies the fact, that who is the “am?” We must understand who exactly is thinking? 3. The Baal Shem Tov teaches, the simplicity – he was in love with the simple humble person, for the simple person is a mirror of God. 4. The “am” – the person you are, is obviously God – for there can be no other existence but God; (see the first chapter of Rambam, “The foundation of truth/faith”.) However God is not a physical being, rather he is the emotion of unconditionally caring, which stems from sensitivity. This is why children are very compassionate and though often as adults we become numb, and are merely doing motions – we nonetheless love. We see this in the fact that when we hear of a selfless act, it inspires. 5. So now we know who we are – a selfless caring, based on a sensitivity, compassionate soul, which in truth is God. 6. So we have to ask the question – why did the creator deem it necessary to create? – if we are in fact just his mirror? 7. A number of logical reasons is given: a. If he is a sensitive caring person, then when He envisions us, His love caused Him to create (this is like a mother envisioning her child, literally allows herself to be inseminated – for Creation is the ultimate act of self-removal – to create space – this is why the Creator hides.) b. There is something that we can do that He cannot – in fact by osmosis He does it through.. – You see, if you are a loving sensitive soul, you love, Love (as mentioned, we are warmed by stories of intimacy) Hence the Creator so-to-speak placed his soul in ours – and when man and woman unite, or any friends, this causes the Creator this joy – it is for this reason, every act of love, of kindness, causes, as the great mystic Rabbi Sholom Dovber said, “When a person helps another, G-d says, ‘This Is The Reason!’”

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