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Infinitely better, “being wrong”

The dumbest thing – doing whatever

Ask never what am I? but should I?

Know that everything is energy – when God first formed the energy – the energy he formed has two methods – there is the energy from above – and the energy from below – this is like two governments – the first being benevolent, all its rules and considerations are compassionate (life-affirming) the other beings, based on ego, hence hate, hence belittling, all its edicts are for the sake of aggrandization, hence belittling- its rules are harsh – its considerations despotic – so after creation, the creator said – “When you study my Torah and certainly engage in it, you will cause that the energy that descends is the energy of Divine compassion” – when we see such harsh decrees – for all comes from above/below – where lives and property are lost in Houston, in Florida, in Mexico, in the Caribbean – tragedies of Biblical magnitude…

Vlog – Are you God

New Podcast

Welcome to the messianic era… – you will please switch off your perception! – born after thousands of years in the false dimension! – you see, the false dimension is of-course, well a lie – in it you perceived order – but in truth (as quantum physics and Kabbalah explain) life has no order – “Oh’ my god! – am i going to die?!” – the answer is you are part of infinity – you were born like a seed planted in an infinite ground with an infinite ability