198 DESTINY Know that all that comes from above, is due to you. 199 STRAYING In Shema We Say, “You Will Stray And Serve Foreign Gods” – When man strays from focusing (Diveikus) on unity (with the Divine) he invites foreign gods (desires.) 200 SERVING GOD Any connection to G-d should be done with complete sacrifice. 201 BEING WATCHED Our sages teach, “For every breath we take, we must praise G-d.” This is similar, “To He breathed in his body, the breath of life.” Kabbalah teaches, “breathed,” means from within. In everything there is the attribute of Moshe – which means binah/knowledge. When you combine the nun (50) gates of knowledge with Mosheh – this creates the word Neshomoh. Our souls come from Binah. The life force descends in pulses into our world – for the body cannot receive too much (hence the life comes and goes.) Likewise the life cannot handle the body. Therefore as it enters, it immediately exists, and returns heavenward. This is the breath. Everything gets recorded. Everything you think or say – it is recorded in the breath. And when the breath goes into heaven, it becomes revealed. Just as one who chooses gold and silver from a rock (in other words, each thought or speech is discerned.) (In other words, the breath which enters, mixes with the life and memories in the heart.) Hence every second you are being watched/discerned. Therefore a person should have shame, if he is thinking a sexual thought or doing an inappropriate act; for as this thought travels heavenward, it goes through all the worlds.

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