Rosh Hashanah – For Kids

Hey Kids


Next week on Thursday and Friday is Rosh Hashanah.


Let’s talk all about Rosh Hashanah!


First of all, why is it called Rosh, “head” not, “new” year.


The answer is that the way Hashem made us, he gave us a choice- do you know Hashem says, “I made you with free choice” (there is no other being, and Hashem has made millions, billions and trillions of different creations, from angels to snails, from bumblebees to lions that can have free choice.)


You see, for a person to have free choice, three things have to happen:

The first is he has to live in a world which hides truth (for example – if your mother tells you not to do something, and she is watching, then obviously you won’t do it – but what if you don’t see her? – what if you think she isn’t there – so now it’s up to you. – So too, even though as King David says, “does the one who made eyes not see?” “the one who made an ear, not hear?” – but because we see not Hashem, we can forget.)


Then there has to be two parts to us, a head that can think and know (and especially when you become bar mitzvah, you can sense right from wrong- but then there is the heart that desires – now just as say when you want a candy, it has nothing to do with what is good – it’s just that candies taste good – so now you have three things that cause free-choice (you don’t see Hashem – your mind knows what’s good or bad, but your heart pumps a strong desire – which makes it a choice.)


So obviously for you to be good you need to use your mind.


So for a person to be good, they need to stop at least once a year and think about – “am I good?” – “do I want to be better?” – for as you know, in all things that are truly good, like Torah and Mitzvos, goodness and kindness, no matter how rich you were yesterday, with all your good; tomorrow you can become even richer.

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