Like a heartbeat, like the lung – the unique motion of expansion and contraction…. – you see Einstein said, “We know not the secret of the Old Boss (God – how they would call him) but when we do, I am sure it will be both beautiful and simple” – in one of his talks to the conference of Chabad Rabbis, Rabbi Simon Jacobson, author of “Toward A Meaningful Life” “The wisdom of the Rebbe” explained how the great Kabbalistic question is simple – “how do you get from a non-existent (in our terminology) God/state, to an existent” – and most simply and profoundly, the First Chabad Rebbe – perhaps the greatest Kabbalistic mind, explains it’s all about perception – if you were taken to a dark room and suddenly shown a world, you go from non-existent knowledge to existent – which is what happens when you come into this earth, and along the way you learn… – however this is the great secret – all of us imagine that truth is composite of matter – hence we assume that as we deduce from our environment reality, we can perceive the truth (which of-course, as well known, that has dismally failed – aka quantum physics etc.) but if the very state of knowledge is only a GIVEN perception – hence in actual fact, it’s more like you were born and shown movie number one – now as you begin to seek truth, you get movie number two; but as ultimately the goal of Divine wisdom is not in the growth of your delusional ego, rather in fact in the opposite, In the refining! making you more compassionate etc. etc., hence it works like this – first you are shown the perception of your grandeur (which we pick up in childhood – hence two year-olds throw tantrums – which is really the incense at not getting their way) then you are shown the world (for once you realize you are a pipsqueak… your brain begins to operate – this is why adults, such as terrorists, radicals, are as Churchill – a great mind, said – “a radical is one who can’t change his mind, and won’t change the subject”) however when you realize that all your wisdom and your society is meaningless! you begin to search for the truth, and then the symphonic melody of both extraordinary insight which creates personal emotional shift, begins to indefinitely, like the pied piper, entrancing the boa, ensue

  A king who is solely loving wouldn’t be harsh, except if one was harsh to his children – hence we see why God treated the Egyptians harshly.   A practical lesson from this is – that though God is loving (or perhaps precisely because) if one harms another, he will (like a mother who sees her child being harmed) turn harsh.

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