Daily Archives: August 8, 2017

In the beginning I created water – each water was in its own body – now as in a soup it all depends how it’s flavoured – so I made many flavors – there is the spirit of anger / hate — there is the spirit of attraction (called love, which of-course can be to many different desires) – there is the subconscious Divine… – the spirit that causes us to seek and do truth

What kind of life, is?

As real as the sky, as real as the earth, as real as I, is our Creator

Truth in one line – if you don’t judge, you are naive and hence without wisdom – if you are judgemental, you are arrogant and cruel – but if you discern, like a judge, and act accordingly, you are both wise and kind

If you are not in battle mode, you can get crushed – if you are in battle mode, you are crushing – so that’s why you need to be in God mode – “my job (and in actual fact, as all of history shows, in any event impossible) is not, to not get crushed

In a world in which we see black and white, light and darkness, good and evil, we fail to realize that in absolute truth there are but three facts – there is the magician (creator – programmer) there are the sentential avatars (who know not – namely you and I hence born so deeply into as Einstien said “reality is an Illusion, albiet a very persistent one”, our core belief is that it’s “we and our universe;” that is what is permanent! which allows for new ideas, revelations to take hold) and then there is the Divine magic – the continuous upgrades (of which every single part, both light and darkness, black and white, good and evil serve)

Our Rabbis taught, “that before the Moshiach comes, we will turn to God” (and hence succeed, for when we do turn, He turns in return)