Daily Archives: August 6, 2017


As I walk down the narrow alley


You hang from a lamp




As my boat tosses


You’re in a tower




As I wake


The sun bathes




As my heart is dark


You smile



There really is but a single all-encompassing question – what do I wish to be involved

So here are the facts – statistically speaking I have Thank-God lived 42 years! – based on this longevity website, (https://www.myabaris.com/tools/life-expectancy-calculator-how-long-will-i-live/) I am predicted to please God live till 88 – based on the government stats, among those years I shall spend sleeping and eating app 19! which leaves 25

I used to think I needed to change the world – today I realized it is rather only I

Before there was light – there was the infinite invisible soul – the heart of all, the soul which felt such love!!! – now this soul/heart happens to be infinite – which means, lacking nothing – there is no manifestation, reality, multiple reality! darkness / light! that cannot be created! – so the Kabbalists teach us that what this soul/heart did was make a sequence (called seder-hishtalshulut, the chain-of-descent) firstly He made the space – a deep void (as the Bible tells us, it was deep, dark and confusing) and in this void he put in light – this light has many meanings – but ultimately what is important to understand is that we always have, and always will fluctuate

In absolute truth: – God has but three desires (to paraphrase the summary of Judaism by the famous prophet Micha) #1 “Don’t be a jerk” (that’s the nice way…) #2 “Be compassionate, giving and kind” # 3 “If you do have a relationship with God, don’t think you’re God”

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