As I walk down the narrow alley   You hang from a lamp   Light   As my boat tosses   You’re in a tower   Light   As I wake   The sun bathes   Light   As my heart is dark   You smile   Light

75 MEDITATION / ACTION The Mitzvah of Hachnasas Oirchim / inviting in guests cheerfully, joyfully and with respect; merits that a couple will have a good son (born.)     77 MEDITATION   The letters of Divine speech which really is the creative energetic force which brings matter from its not existent state, into existence – these letters, for-example “Let there be a sky” continuously are “said” (for if not, as the only existence of the sky is these creative letters (e=m, so though we see matter it is really energy, and as we know, energy must have source) so if God would God-forbid stop saying these letters, even for an instant, the sky would simply disappear.)   78 MEDITATION / ACTION   Just as your shadow mimics your every move – so too whatever we do on earth gets literally mirrored in heaven (in other words, if our energy – desire – emotions are positive, our heaven / destiny, becomes positive – what is amazing about this teaching is, that irrespective of who you are, simply by choosing to believe that G-d, hence reality is good, it will become.)   79 MEDITATION / ACTION   If after Davening (our daily prayer/s) we feel low (crushed,) then our prayers will have a good effect (however if we feel great – buoyed by how good our prayers were – they become useless.)   80 MEDITATION   Whatever God does is truly miraculous, but the only one who realizes – is God.   81 MEDITATION / ACTION   Fortunate is a man who is their true self.   82 MEDITATION / ACTION   Whoever rejoices in the study and sharing of the Torah (studies,) is fortunate that their children and grandchildren will likewise.   83 MEDITATION / ACTION   When a person Read more…

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