Hey This week’s Parsha (Torah portion) has in it the Ten-Commandments. Imagine the scene – in fact your Neshomoh (soul) was there, as it says, the soul of every Jew who would ever be born came. G-d himself began to speak! But there is a deep lesson. You see, we often make a mistake. We think if G-d would speak, maybe he would have a deep voice. But in fact every singe Jew said “G-d spoke directly to me!” Just like one computer can have many people using it (this is called “a network” so you have different screens and keyboards, but one harddrive; but a computer is so quick, it can do all the thinking for every single program at the same time!) so too, Hashem spoke the same words to each person! An older person heard it like in an older way, and a younger person, in a younger way. This teaches us that Hashem is everyone’s!

401 MEDITATION /ACTION The spiritual dynamic of Shabbos is that the Source gets revealed and the Source’s Offspring, naturally desire it.   In other words, Shabbos is a holy-day, for in it is revealed a primordial light, which is God, the Holy of Holies – and He shines on all the Creations.   For we exist in two states – in a spiritual state, our existence is as we are perceived in the primordial thought (a single thought which predicted all) and it is this thought which is the true life-force.   However, when it came time to physically create, through the chain of descent (from the spiritual to the physical) the spiritual source remained above and only a minute actual life-force (which could be small enough that it could permeate and create a small physical) was extruded.   After all was created, on this sixth day, as things could not continue with the minute life-force, so God then took from his spiritual encompassing life-force and permeated all that existed.   However the main recipient of his light, was man; that objective of creation.   And this is the explanation of the Medrash, “What was the world missing? Menuchah.”  This means God, who is called Menuchah; “Shabbos came, Menuchah came;” In other words, the new encompassing light.   Now as a result of this light – just as a child busy with little toys, nonetheless discards his small pleasures and runs to his father, for he knows that this is his Source; similarly, on Shabbos we are attracted to Source.   And this is the desire of God (like the father loves to see their son’s love.)   And this is why God keeps man.   And this is the idea of Shabbos, which is a return to the Source; Read more…

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