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We Are All Different Pieces Of A Single Movie

What wouldn’t you

If we respect not another’s right to make positive choices (this ironically is both from bullies (radicals who shame due to inferiority, and (hence) narcissism (coupled with jealous maliciousness) but ironically, also if we somehow think we are holier than thou) we in fact are in the dark

No one (but God & U) is responsible for U

In the beginning when I began – I had a vision – in this vision first and foremost I saw you – Yes-You! – you as you are you – you with your ego (which is an innate sense of self-importance, which causes a self-love, which causes you to desire) but I also saw how you could go beyond the desiring – into the infinite!

Societies all develop along a trajectory – first someone in a demagogic fashion (like obama etc.) tells everyone what to think – then when people realize that their ideas are ridiculous and self-destructing… (for the demigog is actually sadistic – his emotions are both depression, yet coupled with anxiety (hence the perfectionism etc.) and jealousy, which is the source of destructiveness)

What wouldn’t you