201 MEDITATION / ACTION When one serves Hashem all the time, there is not time for boasting, and the other negative character desires. MEDITATION / ACTION   Pretend you are not living on this planet, so what would it matter what people say! MEDITATION / ACTION   When you embark on doing a good thing, worry not the Yetzer Hara’s devious scheme (to get you not to) by convincing you that this will lead you to arrogance – ignore him! push forward with alacrity and love, and even if it does bring some arrogance, eventually you will do it only with purity. 202 MEDITATION / ACTION   What is the open and closed state? – The open state: for example, is when one studies Torah, their mind being open hence they understand – In all things, be it Torah study, prayer, Mitzvos, good-deeds, there is the open and closed state (the closed state is based on fear, hence it obliterates intelligence.) 204 MEDITATION / ACTION   The Mishna says, “Whoever studies Torah for God’s sake, merits many things” – explains the Baal Shem Tov, when you speak, at this moment, this is your life-energy – if these are words of Torah (Lishmah – done for the right reason) then these words are connected to the Divine. 205 MEDITATION / ACTION Rabbi Yochanan Ben Zakai in his living will said, “May the fear of God be as great to you as your fear of man” – explains the Baal Shem Tov, for-example, if you are sleeping and your Rabbi / master woke you up, immediately you would be alert and prepared to fulfill his will – so why not, when God? 206 MEDITATION / ACTION   Why do we say in prayers, “Our God and God of our fathers”? – there Read more…

As Einstein said, “we know not the secret of the old Boss (how they would refer to G-d) but when we do, I am sure it will be both simple and beautiful” – in fact Einstein’s entire quest in science was as he called it to understand God’s mind – of course he couldn’t. – God’s mind it seems, as God himself says… “My thoughts are unlike your thoughts (to paraphrase) for everything I think becomes” – You see we are fundamentally creatures of experience (think… if you never experienced…. – never saw, heard, smelled, taste etc.) However behind our experiences lies the Divine intent – the first and foremost experience we have is actually of ourselves (if you never had an emotion, you wouldn’t know you were “real” – our powerful urges make us perceive ourselves – furthermore, the fact that when we cried we were fed, changed, burped, put to sleep… gives us a delusion of power – This is why two-year-olds start to throw tantrums; for as their desires get more sophisticated (like “driving the car” – they cannot reconcile the fact that someone who in their own vision is so powerful shouldn’t get their way (in fact this is what trauma is – an imbalance between perception of what reality is and what it is) But as Kabbalah teaches, we are (as God says) like a tree – a tree is always growing (as you know it continually adds rings) so in simple words, there is the simple beautiful absolute reality – each and every one of us is effectively God (this is what Kabbalah teaches, when it state “God breathed in the breath of life” “he placed Himself in man”) however while God is on earth, there is something absolutely awesome, namely, if we seek to grow (for desire skews logic – if you are seeking money, fame, intercourse, or conversely depressed (self-loathing) angry (other…) etc. you are not capable of growth) but as we become spiritual – as we leave the foolish predilections inspired by our animal spirit (mostly from those who have had their fill, as many in todays permissive society) then we enter into the Divine infinite realm

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