Daily Archives: August 1, 2017

When we fear – we consider what/whom we fear as evil – When we derive a benefit, we consider what/whom we derive a benefit from as good…

We can’t have reality however we desire – if there is a God, it means that everything comes from Him

God is always communicating – but as he gives free choice – it’s done in hints

Studying the manual to get a CDL (Bus/Truck driving license) there are some really amazing (as the Baal Shem Tov teaches, from everything we can find) lessons – a great one is this – they are trying to teach bus/truck drivers to not get reactive – Road-rage and another’s aggression which you return can cause serious damage – “Don’t we all know….!” – so here is their technique – if someone cuts in front of you say, “Be-My-Guest” (they say, if you habituate yourself to do this – another’s offense won’t even cause..

evil is so conniving that it makes you enjoy (as the saying “a politician is one who can send you to hell while you relish) your demise”

Never ever ever do anything that you don’t choose

We basically have three modes – help myself, help other(s) or hurt