The English Tanya is a paraphrased translation of the most seminal book called the Bible of Jewish Mysticism.     Chapter 1 There are two souls / drives within man The following five ideas are introduced / explained in this chapter: There is an oath we all take prior to entering into this world. Before we come into our bodies, our soul is in heaven and we swear that, “I will be good and not evil, and even if the entire world tells me I am holy, I will consider myself as if I am unholy.”   There are five spiritual categories of people.   A Good person (lit. Tzaddik) who is only good. A Good person who has some bad in him. A Bad person (lit Rasha) who has good in him. A Bad person who is only bad. And the Benoini.   There are two definitions of what a Tzaddik, Rashah and Benoini are.   There is the simple and absolute definition of good and bad.   In the simple definition good refers to being more good (let’s call it selfless) than bad (let’s call it selfish.)   However in the absolute definition, a Tzaddik (holy Jewish saint) refers to someone who either overcomes or completely transforms his bad – in other words, it’s not that he is sometimes (G-d-forbid bad) rather, though all of us are attacked by negative instincts, lusts, impulses, the Tzaddik has such a profound love for G-d and goodness, that either these impulses do not enter his or her consciousness, or in actual fact they have been washed away. Every person has two souls. It is very important to understand that each and every person has in actual fact two souls – the first soul is what is called an animal. The reason Read more…

MEDITATIONS / ACTIONS From The Holy Baal Shem Tov   97. MEDITATIONS / ACTIONS   Once there was a king who said, “All can come and make a request” one man came and asked for riches; another for a prominent position; but a wise person said, he would like to come speak to the king three times a day – this pleased the king very much (seeing that to this man, a relationship with the king was more important than anything) and hence when he came, all was given.       98. MEDITATIONS / ACTIONS   All is God, so how does evil occur? – This is the Kabbalistic doctrine of the world of Tohu that preceded our world (spiritual.) Being egotistical it shattered and became the source for arrogance, evil, maliciousness – but when a person considers that this too contains the Divine, we extract the good and the bad dissipates.   99. MEDITATIONS / ACTIONS   When we think lustful or arrogant thoughts, we take our Divine soul, bind it into a filthy cesspool – One must have pity, and release one’s soul!   102/103 MEDITATIONS / ACTIONS   Everything in this world can be united to the Divine (through figuring out its meaningful purpose.) MEDITATIONS / ACTIONS   When one is with his wife, even if they are chit-chatting… if this is done for the sake of unity, every word is Divine.   104 MEDITATIONS / ACTIONS   Just as you hold a physical object with your hand, you hold someone by calling their name.   107 MEDITATIONS / ACTIONS   Why does Shabbos have a Mitzvah to delight her with physical pleasures? – for once the body is taken care of,,,,  the soul can!   108 MEDITATIONS / ACTIONS   There are two ways a Read more…

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