From Kesser Shem Tov The Baal Shem Tov’s Ethical Will. ACTION Serve G-d: This is a euphemism for “Live-Life – with sincerity.” (In other words, don’t be pretentious.) ACTION Every day have a daily study – whether much or a bit – in Chassidus. ACTION See to it that your behavior is kind, compassionate, and never cruel, or G-d-forbid sadistic. ACTION See to it that every day you do some act of goodness and kindness – in fact, you should eagerly anticipate, perhaps G-d will arrange such a good happenstance. ACTION See to it in your daily recital of the Shema, that you concentrate (on the translation / meaning of the words.) ACTION (for men) – See to it that you go to Mikvah (daily) especially when you are in need. ACTION See to it that you keep every single “minor” detail of the observance of our Holy-Shabbos. (the numbers follow the book’s sequence) 1. MEDITATION Every letter of prayer contains: spiritual worlds, souls and Divinity; and if you meditate to unite these three dimensions, then they unify, and your soul elevates with them. To give you an idea of the great joy this causes in Heaven, imagine the joy of a marriage which is nothing compared to it. 4. ACTION Everyone must work based on their current standing (in other words, not imitate.) 6. ACTION / MEDITATION The Baal Shem Tov said in the name of the Ramban – whenever we are not sure what to do; and seeing that any personal benefit (be it a pleasure, or our honor) skews our logic (so the mind presents fallacious rationalizations;) hence to begin with, you must imagine that this action will bring you neither pleasure nor honor… and then G-d will guide. 7. MEDITATION Everything in this world contains all Read more…

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