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For The Kids

This week’s Parsha is Parshas Devarim


Devarim means words


Do you know, everything you think say and do makes a malach – an angel.


That’s right, a real angel!!


When your words (thoughts and actions) are good, your angel, becomes like a defense-attorney, always asking Hashem to give you blessings!! (and G-d forbid, if our words are not good, then the opposite.)

The Light Of Moshiach Podcast

The Positive Tipping Point Podcast

I never used to hate – but then life got tough – people were mean – suddenly I found that some people were evil!! – and boy did I hate! – but then I asked myself (?) – is the reason I am hating because they or I am evil

Hi I am thrilled to announce thanks to the encouragement of many and Divine guidance we are starting to podcast – Share The Light!!!!

upside down – you see, one of our innate perhaps driving forces (like no other) is the ego – we all wish to get our way!!!! – this is why at the youngest age children throw temper-tantrums – though they can easily be distracted, nonetheless, the fact that they did not get what they want incenses them – Now one may ask a simple question – I am a composite of my fathers smelly sperm cell, and my mothers invisible egg – these two were split until it made me – God breathed in a soul of life – in other words, there is nothing of me that actually is me – then my mother took her time and energy to breast feed me – my father had to sweat blood and tears to provide (and sometimes the mother too) now pray tell, “Why am I not grateful?” – you see, innately we have an ego – the ego is the feeling that whatever I get is mine – so as I get, the ego GROWS – as I have gotten everything I wanted for the first year or so (“I cried and got changed,” “I cried and got fed,” “I cried and was rocked to sleep”) hence I began to imagine that whatever I want I should get – but now that you and I are old enough to read, to think, to realize, if we wish to be happy, it’s the exact opposite! – because everything I have is a gift, therefore as I don’t deserve it, therefore it makes me so LUCKY – but simoultansoiuly if I am feeling exuberant I may not be proactive – hence I must include an artificial feeling of anxiety – this we do by knowing that in actual fact G-d is everywhere, but we are simply blind-