It has taken me a lifetime to learn this and I am giving it to you for free : ) – you see, generally speaking there are five possible people – there is the person (like most Americans) who due to the internal security (which includes psychological…. BIG THING! as Americans respect individuality, hence people are not shamed) having an internal feeling of safety, therefore they basically are on one hand idealistic (ready to give their lives for causes, as we see American soldiers in world war 1 and 2, and even recent stupid wars) yet also highly naive (ignorant of the real world, of the next personalty….) for when our society causes us to go into adrenaline mode – fight or flight, and as you cannot ignore people, hence you develop a narcissism – this narcissism acts as a shield to show people – “I am so tough!” (they say with deer that before a lion will begin to chase it, it does a little dance, as if to say, “look I can even dance;” so we create a “don’t mess with me, as I am so tough….” persona) this narcissism really hides anxiety (now as anxiety feels rotten – like someone constantly having a mosquito buzzing in our ear, and as by nature we become jealous, hence it also causes us to become malicious (bullying etc. and in a group, terrorism, radicals etc. – this desire is to cause others to feel fear, through random acts of violence – in this way, the hope is, that they too will feel fear – though this is sick, it is obviously human nature – now ironically no one is all bad – the same person who is a bully, may also be very generous – ironically, to some extent the bully may even be more kind! for as fear creates focus, they may a. be more aware of suffering and b. more prone to assist) c. a person God-forbid may become depressed (this is where we lose pride – often through feeling shame – now this can happen in of two ways, either someone else shames us or we are self-shamed – feel we have done something inappropriate – now we know that the Yetzer Hara primarily uses shame – for a person lacking enthusiasm easily will fall) Then there is the genuine problem of developing a delusion of VIP (the problem with this, is it eliminates our innate compassion, for much as you feel no compassion on a mosquito, you feel no compassion on those you feel are low) but finally there is the truth – you are infinite – you are a literal part of God – God placed a spark of himself in your body – the purpose was to achieve something even God cannot achieve 1. growth (for perfection cannot become more prefect but imperfection can always) 2. practical kindness (for there must be those upon whom to have compassion) 3. Unity (for unity requires many)

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