The west’s problem – one has to ask the simplest of questions, why on earth are the strongest nations in the world with the capacity to literally instantaneously wipe out her enemies acting as if they were scared kittens???????? – I think it comes from three fundamental mistakes – the first is the mistake that allowed the holocaust – when you are comfortable you don’t want to be un……. – therefore instead of facing your problem you delude your thinking (this actually happens subconsciously – so you really don’t consider a problem! – this is why empires fold – the temporary comfort of security creates a denial which by the time you are hit, it’s too late – considering the very real problem of Iran getting nuclear bombs, this delusional denial is obvious) the second issue is that we don’t understand what is right vs. wrong, hence uncertainty paralyzes us – you see, when we are aware that those who attack lose their rights – we are used to a court system where an offender is put on trial but in a war, those who attack must be quite simply immediately annihilated – furthermore, we suffer from a “they can’t help themselves” racial bias – we see people from Eastern lands as backward (based on their lack of technological advances) we mistakenly assume that they are hence stupid – they are fully aware of their intent