Daily Archives: July 21, 2017

How relationships work – unless you are sort of autistic and even then – all people, just like all dogs, as this is an innate instinct, love relationships – when we have had positive relationships, as our brain works on associations (memories and emotions combine – so if I get bitten by a dog, as that was painful experience, hence every time I see a dog I will be frightened which will cause me to back off – however if my experience with something was positive, hence every time I see someone like the positive experience… hence children with adults… or possibly friends… I will try to connect) however as we go through life, most of us as studies show have been bitten (the reason people bite is that they have been bitten, and get jealous – jealousy is the desire for your good to be eradicated (much like the feeling you have when you see a mosquito) though this happens subconsciously, for consciously we would never admit that we are evil – hence we make up a story why you deserve to be shamed (this is the secret behind the bizarre fantasies of anti-Semites, like blood libels, the Nazis racial insane theories etc. including radicals with their racial (both against blacks or whites etc.) So the bottom line is that we all live in one of three states: (true liberal, not radical…) either we are completely open, loving (for we have never been bitten) or we are completely closed (our interactions lacks real affection – we become manipulators (Arabs in general, but many societies in which people are caused to feel shame, hence all people become a source of fear) we become masters of deception (pretending to be righteous which is a cover for both our fear and our ability to connive (though this happens subconsciously, so consciously we become narcissists – we really think we are righteous hence the bullying) or and ideally we manage to overcome the narcissistic / fear, and enter into a stage of being willing to trust (though having had experience, if we see someone is false we simply abandon.)

What kind of a sick ideology venerates murder (as we see with the murder of two Druze, who are Muslim) policemen on the Temple Mount – and then cries victimhood!